six pack abs

Can You Go From Beer Belly To Six Pack Abs?

six pack abs

When you have a beer belly, it may not seem as if you achieving a set of six pack abs would be possible anytime soon but it can be done and sooner than you think too.

Hitting the beach for summer with an impressive six pack that isn’t inside your cooler is something that you don’t have to just dream about. You can follow a step-by-step process and achieve the body you want.

There is nothing that can stop you from achieving a leaner body that boosts your self-confidence and makes you more attractive.

If you currently have a beer belly that you want to not just lose but also want to transform into rock-hard abs, this article will show you how doing just that is possible.

Focus on Losing Belly Fat First

One common myth about achieving six packs is that you can just focus on doing a set of crunches and abdominal exercises if you want to reduce belly fat.

The truth is, you cannot just reduce a part of your body by spot training. If you want to get rid of a beer belly, you’ll need to first reduce your total body fat through strategic dieting and following an exercise routine.

Going from a beer belly to six pack abs requires two very important steps:

  1. Focus on reducing your beer belly
  2. Work on building muscle and toning your stomach

Each of these steps should be worked on independent of each other because they require different approaches. Eating to reduce belly fat is much different from eating to build muscle and getting a six pack set of abs.

For the first phase, you’ll need to follow a low-carb diet with adequate amounts of protein. You’ll also need to eat foods that have high amounts of good fats such as avocado and olive oil.

By reducing carbs, you should be able to reduce the amount of calories you eat every day to create a calorie deficit over time which will result in fat loss.

Add a work out routine that includes a daily walk and a combination of cardio and resistance training to burn extra calories even while you’re not working out.

Workout Regularly to Uncover Six Pack Abs

Believe it or not, everyone already has six pack abs. If you currently have a beer belly, then your abs are just hiding under all those layers of fat just waiting to be exposed.

These muscles have important functions including flexing the spine, allowing for rotation of the torso, sideways bending and helping with breathing.

You’ll need to workout and eat in a way that uncovers and develops these muscles.

Once you’ve reduced body fat and your beer belly, weight training and cardio can help you to tighten up this area. There are also specific exercises that are great for building washboard ab muscles.

Some of these exercises include doing:

  • planks
  • crunches
  • leg raises
  • squats

Workout regularly and take adequate rest to allow your body to repair and build up muscles.

Eat to Build Muscle

Eating to build muscle is a very different process than eating to reduce body fat.

When you’re eating to reduce body fat, you want your body to deplete it’s glycogen stores so that it can use body fat for energy. Burning calories from body fat is what helps you to get leaner and lose weight.

Because you don’t want to use glycogen for energy, this is the reason why you need to reduce carbohydrate intake in the first place. Carbs break down into glycogen which your body uses for energy with the excess being stored as fat in your fat cells.

When you’ve reduced your body fat and need to build muscle, you simply cannot rely on fat as your energy source because you don’t have that much fat in the first place.

In this case, you’ll have to depend on carbs as your energy source. The calories that you get from carbs are what you will be burning off during your workouts so they won’t get stored in your fat cells.

So in order to build muscles you have to create a calorie surplus which is the opposite of what you did to burn fat and lose weight. This means that you’ll have to eat more regularly and increase your daily intake of calories.

While you lowered carbs during your weight loss diet, you’ll have to eat more of the good carbs in order to build muscle and get a leaner body.

Do not worry about putting on fat if you’re exercising because when the body converts the carbs into glycogen, you will be using this glycogen as fuel for your workouts.

Bodybuilders typically eat about 6 meals per day, usually starting with breakfast and meals about 1 hour before a workout and after a workout. If you just want abs you don’t have to go as hard but basically just eat healthy foods that are high in protein and fats.

More Tips to Getting a Six Pack Abs

The following tips can help you to stay on track to getting a six pack once you follow the above process.

  • Get 8 to 9 hours of sleep – sleeping helps to relax and repair the body so getting a good nights rest is good for your abs.
  • Don’t skip breakfast – on a weight loss diet, you can skip breakfast to super-charge the fat burning process but you’ll need to eat more on a muscle building diet. Breakfast can jump start your metabolism and provide important nutrients for the activities ahead.
  • Eat more fibre – Get fiber from vegetables and fruit. This helps improve digestion and keeps you from overeating which may cause you to consume more of the wrong foods.
  • Eat more protein – Protein is what repairs your muscles when you’ve pushed them to their breaking point in the gym. You need protein to make your muscles stronger than before.
  • Drink water – You should be drinking 90 – 100 ounces of water every day to replace the water you’re losing from workouts when you sweat. Water also flushes your body of toxins especially when you’re trying to burn fat.

Follow this process and you can be on your way to a leaner and more ripped body in as little as 8 weeks.

If you have a beer belly now, your first point of focus should be on getting rid of body fat by creating a calorie deficit and then moving onto the muscle building process by creating a calorie surplus. For a weight loss plan that will help you get rid of up to 21 pounds in as little as 21 days, check out my review of the 3 Week Diet by Brian Flatt.

The one thing that will stay the same is the fact that you’ll still have to do regular exercise.

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