dried apricots and prunes

These 4 “Healthy” Foods Are Sabotaging Your Efforts

dried apricots and prunes

We all have an idea about what healthy foods are supposed to be.

But not all “healthy” foods are actually healthy. What’s worse is that you may be including them in your diet and they are really doing more harm than good.

Some of these supposedly healthy foods are sabotaging your diet and holding you back from seeing the results you want even when you think you’re doing everything right.

This can sometimes lead to failure due to lack of motivation.

So what are some of these so-called “healthy” foods that are derailing your efforts? Here are four foods you need to cut from your diet immediately. 

Fat-Free Foods

The fat-free versions of foods are usually foods that you love but for the sake of dieting, instead of cutting those foods out of your diet completely, you choose to go with this option.

Fat-free foods often state on the label that the food is fat-free and they wear this label proudly.

But think about something for a moment.

If they’ve removed the fat from these products, what do they replace it with?

They couldn’t possibly remove the fat and still make the product taste so good. There has to be a catch.

The answer is that they’ve added sugar. Sure, they removed the fat because you want fat-free but they usually replace this fat with an unhealthy dose of sugar.

If you’re trying to lose body fat, then sugar is just as bad – if not worse – than the fat they’ve removed from the products to make them fat-free.

Fat-free also doesn’t mean that the product doesn’t contain fat. The US Food and Drug Administration let’s manufacturers label their foods as fat-free if they contain 0.5g or less of fat per serving.

So this means if you have more than one serving then the product you’re consuming isn’t fat-free any more and you could be loading up on carbs and calories under the guise that you’re eating healthy.

That’s why it’s always a good idea to read food labels. Now that you know more about what fat-free really means, you can still have that cookie but stick to the serving size instead of playing into the illusion that you can gobble up all you want because it’s supposed to be “healthier”.

Dried Fruit

Another culprit that looks healthy but isn’t that great for you if you’re looking to drop some of the body fat is dried fruit.

Dried fruit is packed with concentrated vitamins, minerals and is also a great way to get fiber in your diet. This is why it can be tempting to indulge freely and think that it’s helping.

Even with all these nutrients, dried fruit are also high in calories and sugar.

As an example, a cup of prunes (dried plums) contains 400 calories and about 45 grams of sugar. Compare this to a cup of fresh plums which contain only 76 calories and about 16 grams of sugar.

Always opt for fresh fruit over their dried counterparts. You’ll still get all the nutrients although not as concentrated plus you’ll get water which can help you feel more full.

Fruit Flavored Yogurt

Dieters love fruit flavored yogurt and this is one of those foods that seem as if it should cause no problems but will seriously wreck your dieting efforts. 

Every time you dig into these small containers you’re actually consuming a lot of sugar.

Check the sugar content the next time you pick up your favorite yogurt and you’ll be surprised to find that it has 15 grams or more of sugar per serving.

Sugar-free varieties are also available but then you will be consuming artificial sweeteners like stevia, sucralose or acesulfame potassium, any of which can be just as bad for you.

A better alternative to fruit flavored yogurt would be to use Greek yogurt and add flavor by including a handful of fresh berries.

Protein Bars & Shakes

Very few protein bars keep the sugar content low (under 5 grams or less per bar). These are great if you can find them.

However, the majority of protein bars aren’t anything more than glorified chocolate bars. Check the sugar content and you’ll find that they have over 15 grams of sugar per serving (and serving size is usually one bar). Some even go as high as 30 and 40 grams of sugar depending on the amount of calories.

Sure they’re great for protein which you should be trying to get more of into your diet but with that much sugar, you should definitely avoid these diet saboteurs.

With some of these bars contributing as much as 400 calories per bar, if you’re eating two bars as a morning meal replacement then it is easy to see why you could be doing everything else right and still not seeing the scale move.

It Pays to Read Food Labels

These are just 4 examples of foods that may be causing more harm than good by appearing to be healthy when they really aren’t. 

Sometimes, more often than not, it pays to read food labels to see what you’re really getting in your diet.

This can usually save you some frustration and allow you to see the results that you need to be seeing so that you’re motivated to stick to your weight loss program.

Are you consuming any of these foods?

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