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The Park Avenue Diet Plan Review

Most diet books only focus on what to do to manage your weight.

However in The Park Avenue Diet by Stuart Fischer, M.D., the doctor focuses more on improving your overall image as a way to motivate you to lose weight.

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The Park Avenue Diet is a six-week program that is more than just a diet guide and it aims to transform you into the likes of those who live in New York’s upscale and rich neighborhoods.

What’s The Park Avenue Diet All About?

In the Park Avenue Diet, a panel of seven experts give advice on 7 different elements that will make over your life including:

  • Weight
  • Physique
  • Hair
  • Skin
  • Clothing
  • Self-confidence
  • Interpersonal skills

The diet itself is a six-week program split into three phases:

  • The Inviting Success Phase (Week 1 & 2) is where you learn about the seven different areas in which you can improve your lifestyle and you start incorporating them into your everyday routine.
  • The Preparing for Greatness Phase (Week 3) is where you continue dieting and practicing your new skills.
  • The Making the A-List Phase (Final 3 weeks) is where you continue dieting and do more exercise.

The Park Avenue diet has a structured daily meal plan for the entire 6 weeks where  you will eat anywhere from 1200 – 1500 calories per day where you eat three meals plus a snack.  The foods feature lots of fruit, vegetables and lean proteins.

On this diet, you’ll need to cut sweets, alcohol, fruit juice, reduce dairy and also fats.

Along with the daily diet plan, you also get a daily exercise plan and also a tip for each of the other areas you’ll be working on.

You can expect to lose one to two pounds a week on this plan over the course of the six weeks according to Dr. Fischer.

Pros of The Park Avenue Diet

  • low calorie nature allows for successful weight-loss
  • has a structured daily meal plan so you know what to eat every day
  • includes simple exercises you can do at home

Cons of The Park Avenue Diet

  • not something male dieters may be interested in
  • very restrictive diet which eliminates many foods that aren’t necessarily bad for you
  • does not offer a plan for after the initial diet
  • you may gain back the pounds after the diet is over

Should You Try The Park Avenue Diet?

This diet, when I read the concept, doesn’t seem like something readers of No Beer Belly would be interested in.

I thought I would review it because it’s a diet that addresses more than just the dieting aspect. However, it seems more targeted to female dieters as most diet programs are.

You would be better off trying out my #1 recommended diet which is a much more focused diet where you can lose up to 21 pounds in just 21 days and is perfect if your goal is to reduce your beer belly.

The Park Avenue Diet is also very restrictive and cuts out a lot of foods that you may love eating. If it’s bad for you then there’s good reason but some of these foods aren’t necessarily bad and can work in your diet.

One concern I have with this is that after the 6 week program is over, you may not want to adapt this diet as a lifestyle change and there is no advice on maintaining your weight after this program.  So it is possible that when you go back to your old eating habits, even though you may decide to make some small changes, you will probably regain the weight that you lost.

If you’re from anywhere other than Park Avenue, New York, it may also be difficult to completely change your eating plan to what the Park Avenue diet recommends which could set you up to face another failed diet.

The diet is different as it addresses other factors of making a complete lifestyle change to your health and beauty but most people just want to get their weight under control.

Successfully losing weight can give you more self-confidence and improved physique as well as many other benefits that you don’t need to learn.


I liked that the diet was low-calorie and had a structured daily eating and exercise plan so that you can be guided throughout the entire 6 weeks. This can lead to successful weight loss.

However, the restrictiveness of the diet and the other areas they focused on, while interesting does not have a very wide appeal. You may regain the weight after the initial six weeks as their is no maintenance plan to follow post-diet.

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