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New Beverly Hills Diet Review

The New Beverly Hills Diet is an updated version of a diet first introduced in 1981 by Judy Mazel, who had no previous training in science or nutrition.

Her book was based on concepts she had used to go from 180 pounds to 108 pounds. Her 72 pound weight loss is attributed to a concept she calls food combining where you can consciously combine foods from three food groups – fats, proteins and carbs.

In the book, Mazel says that the plan is not a diet but a lifestyle eating plan and that nothing is off-limits (no cheat foods) as long as you follow the combining rules.

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The New Beverly Hills Diet is very different from the original plan as it is improved nutritionally. Many critics blasted the original Beverly Hills Diet and it was a regular entry on many fad diet lists.

What’s Involved in the New Beverly Hills Diet?

The New Beverly Hills Diet is based on 4 golden rules:

  1. Whenever fruit is eaten, it must be eaten alone at all times. You cannot eat another meal until an hour has passed. Every day should begin with an “enzymatic” fruit such as pineapple, apricots or prune.
  2. Protein can be combined with fat but not carbs. On protein days, 80% of what you consume should be protein.
  3. Carbs can be combined with fat but not protein.
  4. Alcoholic beverages like beer and spirits are carbs. Wine is considered fruit and champagne is neutral and can be consumed with any foods.

On this diet, you can eat as much as you like as long as you adhere to the above rules so you do not have to do portion control or calorie counting.

The diet is largely fruit based and you will consume a lot of fruit for this 35 day plan.

There aren’t many protein days with up to 18 days where you can eat 80% protein meals.

The diet, being made up largely of fruit consumption in an effort to retrain your digestive system is highly restrictive and whether you like fruit or not, you’ll have a hard time staying on this diet.

Foods that cause digestive problems, says Mazel, such as artificial sweeteners, artificial butter products like margarine, food additives and non-dairy creamers should be avoided.

As a result of doing the 35 day regimen, Mazel says that you should expect to lose 10 – 15 pounds and continue to lose weight until you are “skinny”.

Exercise is recommended on this diet and the book says that you should get two days in the gym.

Pros of The New Beverly Hills Diet

  • It’s an interesting read
  • Has an eating plan to follow for 5 weeks

Cons of The New Beverly Hills Diet

  • No research to back up her claims
  • Very restrictive fruit based diet
  • Very low calorie diet
  • Not very nutritional or balanced way of eating
  • The combining rules make it hard to follow and stick to

Can This Diet Work For You?

If you do manage to complete the 35 day diet plan, you will lose weight but not because the diet is particularly healthy, but because it is low in calories.

You will not have any problems creating a calorie deficit on a diet where you eat mainly fruit. The diet lacks nutrition and can be dangerous if you have any health conditions.

Furthermore, there is no research to back up the theories presented in this book about combining foods. You should be eating more protein and you can combine them with any foods you like as long as they are healthy and you manage the amount you’re consuming.

You need to create a calorie deficit in order to lose weight but your meals shouldn’t be restrictive but rather nutritious and filling.

Sure, we’d all love to eat chocolate-chipped cheesecake without feeling guilty but sticking to a healthy diet is important. You can only stick to a healthy diet if it isn’t primarily based on one type of food throughout.

Mazel claims that this is a lifestyle eating plan but it is more in line with a fad diet. No one wants to eat mainly fruit for the rest of their lives.


The New Beverly Hills Diet may have worked for Mazel but the concepts presented aren’t really what causes weight loss.

The diet is very low in calories and this is why you can lose weight on this diet. However, the diet isn’t very nutritious or healthy and can be very hard to follow and stick to.

There are many better and healthy lifestyle diets available that you can try.

And if you would like to see weight loss results, you can try my #1 recommended diet. It isn’t a lifestyle diet but rather a 3 week rapid fat loss diet backed up with science and nutrition. You can expect to lose up to 21 pounds in just 21 days.

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