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The Gene Smart Diet Review

The Gene Smart Diet which is subtitled ‘the revolutionary eating plan that will rewrite your genetic destiny and melt away the pounds” suggests that your weight could be a result of genetics.

This means that if your parents were overweight, then you are destined to be overweight as well and this diet would be the answer to your weight problems.

So do genetics really affect how much you weigh and can you eat in such a way as to “rewrite your genetic destiny” and lose weight in the process?

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This review will look at the weight loss plan created by Floyd H. Chilton, PhD and see if there is a secret to altering your genes to create permanent weight loss.

What Is the Gene Smart Diet?

Dr. Chilton created this five week program as a way to create a better way of eating that can reduce inflammation in your body, create lasting weight loss and optimum health.

If you follow this diet, you can also slow down the aging process, according to the author.

On the diet, which comes with a detailed eating plan, you reduce calories, exercise more, add fiber which you get mainly from fruits and vegetables, increase a type of antioxidant called polyphenols and add omega-3 fatty acids.

Foods you eat on this diet include lots of fish and seafood for the omega-3, fruits and vegetables for the fiber and polyphenols, whole grain carbs, good fats like olive and canola oil as well as lean meats.

You can also get polyphenols from drinking red wine but the book suggests that you have a glass of wine with dinner only after you’ve completed the initial five weeks.

Exercise is a huge part of the Gene Smart Diet and the author suggests that you 30 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise twice per week, 30 minutes of light aerobic exercise once per week, strength training twice per week and allow two days for rest.

Pros of the Gene Smart Diet

  • has a detailed eating and exercise plan to follow
  • highlights additional benefits to using the diet
  • choose from five diet and exercise plans
  • provides a healthy way of eating

Cons of the Gene Smart Diet

  • nothing revolutionary, just healthy suggestions for eating

Can The Gene Smart Diet Work For You?

The Gene Smart Diet can indeed help you to lose weight because it emphasizes the reduction of calories which can create a calorie deficit.

The suggestions in this diet also suggests cutting out any junk food that you put in your body including processed foods that may be filled with high-fructose corn syrup and other bad carbs.

The five cornerstones of this diet – reducing calories, adding fiber, exercise, increasing polyphenols and adding omega-3 fatty acids are all healthy suggestions that can improve your health and produce results in weight loss, anti-aging, better heart health and more.

The diet isn’t particularly revolutionary and is just another diet where healthy eating and reduced calories promote weight loss. This doesn’t seem to be something that has anything to do with genetics but rather healthy food choices. Everyone has genes and people who come from overweight families are probably eating the way their parents ate if they’re also overweight.

Despite that the diet can work for anyone who is interested in following a healthier eating plan that will produce weight loss and other health benefits as it is in line with most proper diet recommendations.


It’s not so much the genes that affect how much you weigh but what you decide to put in your body.

Following the Gene Smart diet is all about healthy eating and exercise and the suggestions can and will produce weight loss as well as other health benefits.

The book contains detailed eating and exercise plans for following the diet over a five week period.

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