Stick To Your Diet – 3 Secrets To Make It Work

Stick To Your Diet – 3 Secrets To Make It Work

Stick to your diet

Question: how many diets have you started and failed to complete or see through to the end?

Every year, millions of people around the world try at least 4 diet programs and millions start and quit a new diet every day.

So why is it so hard to stick with a diet program?

It could be one of these reasons why diets fail or it could be any number of mistakes you’re making while on your diet.

In this article, I’m going to reveal three secrets that can help you push through to the end and see results on your diet program. These three secrets will prevent you from quitting midway into your diet program allowing you to achieve your goals with ease.

Secret 1: Set Short Term Goals

One of the biggest myths of weight loss is that it’s unsafe to lose more than 1 or 2 lbs a week.

Yet if you look at some of the biggest success stories in weight loss, they’ve lost a lot more weight in less time where the math just doesn’t add up.

Body fat isn’t good for you and it would make more sense for your body to get rid of it as quick as possible.

If you’re on a diet to lose your beer belly, you don’t want to start seeing results by this time next year. Instead, you would want to start seeing results in a couple of weeks.

It is important that you set short term goals otherwise you would start losing motivation and abandon your diet plan.

A diet program like The 3 Week Diet for example, allows you to focus on the here and now and gives you enough time to build good, healthy habits. Enough time to see results. Quick, safe results.

The diet is easy and fun to stick to and you’d be motivated to keep going when you start seeing measurable results.

Secret 2: Use Hunger Busting Strategies

Hunger is one thing that can derail a diet fast.

Some diets pretty much let you starve by cutting back too much on calories or they don’t focus on foods that keep you satisfied for a long period of time.

A good diet plan will be built on consuming foods that take their time to break down and digest slowly. Lean proteins in addition to foods rich in dietary fiber is the way to go, followed closely by small doses of dietary fat.

While the calories in fat can add up quickly, when you add them to your diet in small amounts, this can work wonders in controlling hunger.

Use strategies that don’t let you get hungry on your diet and you’ll be able to stick with your diet without feeling guilty and hopeless.

Secret 3: Get a Diet Buddy

Studies have shown that people who diet using a “buddy system” are more likely to succeed on their diet program.

Weight loss can come with a number of challenges and in a lot of instances, you may just give up hope and quit, thereby making your diet a failure.

You can increase your chances of actually reaching your weight loss goals by getting a friend, family member or someone who shares the same goals and desires as you do.

A buddy can come in the form of another health-minded individual or it can be a weight loss group from the internet that you can have regular contact with.

When looking for a diet buddy, make sure that they:

  • have similar goals as you
  • have a positive attitude
  • are someone you enjoy spending time with
  • have compatible motivational styles

Some benefits of having a diet buddy include:

  • accountability – you make sure they’re sticking to the plan and they make sure you’re doing the same.
  • understanding – it can be comforting to have someone who is going through the same struggles as you are. You can motivate each other to get the results you both want.
  • fun – trying to lose weight isn’t the most exciting thing in the world but adding a buddy in the mix and it can become a more enjoyable experience.
  • friendly competition – a little friendly competition can help get you through the process and achieve results
  • push – someone needs you to be there for them when they feel like giving up and you’ll need someone to nudge you along as well.

Diet buddies can give you the support a lot of diet programs don’t have time for or even provide. You’ll see that you’re more likely to complete a diet and see it through to the end if you’re having fun with a friend who shares the same goals.

All You Need Now is a Program

So now that you know these three secrets to finding success with a diet program, all you need now is the right diet program for you.

There are many to choose from and no one diet program is right for everyone.

However, you can easily narrow down the choices by finding a diet program that has a definite short term, uses hunger busting strategies and is something you can easily do with a diet buddy.

One such program is the 3 Week Diet by Brian Flatt.

I’ve mentioned it above while telling you about secret #1 because it is my recommended diet program for losing weight fast (up to 21 lbs in 21 days).

The diet program is backed up by science which Flatt breaks down in the first part of the manual and there is some surprising but very sound research that went into this diet.

You can read more about the 3 Week Diet by checking out my full review here.

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